Why did my payment fail? 

There are a few reasons why your payment may have failed. Read more about invoice failure here. 


I have a new card. How do I add it? 

Learn how to update your account with new credit card information. 

How long does a payment cover? 

Our subscription plans are auto-renew for your convenience. Each payment we receive from your account will cover days of service. 

Can I have an extension? 

Currently, we are unable to offer an extension on your invoice.  After your initial payment decline, you have X number of days before your site will be taken down. 

I don't need my accessible site. How do I cancel? 

If you are interested in canceling your subscription, please contact support. 

My payment went through, but my site is still down. What now? 

If your CommonAccess Pro website is taken down due to payment failure, you have 90-days before we remove your content from our servers. If your website has been in default for more than 90-days, it's possible that your content may be lost. Contact our Customer Service team today to review your options.