CommonAccess accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Prepaid Visa and Mastercard debit cards are also accepted. If you are paying for your CommonAccess Pro subscription with one of these cards and the payment was declined, check the below scenarios or contact your bank directly.

Invalid Credit Card Number

You may have signed up for your CommonAccess Pro subscription with an invalid credit card number or incorrect CVV code. To fix this, go into your account settings (elaborate).

Expired Credit Card

It's possible that the credit card that you signed up with has now expired. Verify that the card you've signed up with has not expired orĀ go into your account settings.

Transaction Declined

If your credit card number is correct and it is also not expired, then your bank is denying the charge. Contact your bank to try and resolve the issue, then contact customer support so we can attempt payment again.

Other Issues?

If you have verified that all of the above scenarios do not apply, contact us with:

  • The First and Last Name from the card you used
  • The last four digits of the card we should have on file
  • A description of the error
  • Any other relevant information from your bank