In your CommonAccess Pro website, we make it easy to add alt-text to your photos. What is alt-text? Alt-text is what screen readers will read out loud as they navigate down a webpage. The alt-text is one of the most fundamental pieces of web accessibility, so doing it right the first time is important.  

Most sections in your editor have a place to add alt-text for your photos. In this example, we'll add alt-text to one of the new sections on the site.

1. Decide which section you would like to add a photo to. In our example, we will be adding the photo to the About Section. 

2. Upload your photo.

3. Now add your alt-text, or photo description, for your photo. Try to keep it concise, below 140 characters. It's like a tweet on Twitter! For our example, we'll use the description:

Whole baked fish stuffed with onions, garlic, and rosemary presented on a bed of carrots and garnished with an orchid flower.

3). Pat yourself on the back! You've successfully added alt-text to a photo! Don't forget to save your work.