After you have completed your accessibility statement or optimized your CommonAccess Pro website, you'll want to upload your CommonAccess Pro web code to your existing website. 

Before you do this, you will need:

Access to your existing web hosting provider

Step 1:

From your CommonAccess Pro home dashboard, select Connect from the navigation menu.

Step 2:

Add the accessibility indicator code to your website's header. 

This code is specifically for users that use screen readers and is not visible for other users. This will help users with screen-readers quickly find the accessible version of your website.

Copy this code and paste it into the header of your website.

Step 3:

Select your style of button for your website.

Now that you have customized the code you would like to install, copy and paste the code into your computer's Clipboard.

  1. In your web hosting provider, the code must be pasted in the "code" view, where you can view and edit HTML.
  2. In your website editor or admin page, open the page where you want to add your button. The best location will be the heading of your website.
  3. Look for an option to view or edit HTML.
  4. Find the section of the page where you want your button to appear.
  5. Right-click and paste your button code into the HTML.
  6. Save and publish the page.
  7. Test the updated page to make the accessibility indicator is active.

Step 4: Adding Your CommonAccess Pro Shield to Your Website

Copy and paste your button code onto your website's footer.

We recommend you place your CommonAccess Pro shield in the Footer of your website. This ensures that it is viewable on all pages. If your website does not have a footer, place in the heading. Alternatively, you may want to create a brand new page that outlines your future accessibility plans and place the banner there. 

If your footer is too busy, another option would be to copy the link into your footer and title it "Accessibility" or "Accessible Version".

Still need help?

Can't get the badge to look right? Can't figure out where to place the code? Don't have a web developer? We can help!  

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