Let's review the main buttons on your editor page.

Site Identity:

This section is for adding your site descriptions to assist search engines in finding your site. 

  • Site Name: This is the title that will appear on your adot site. You'll see it change in your live editor on the right.
  • Page Meta Title: This is what will appear in the title of search engine results for this page's listing
  • Page Meta Description: This is what will appear in the description of the search engine results for this page's listing
  • Page Headline: This will appear on your Adot site. You'll see it change in your live editor on the right.
  • Site Logo: This is the logo that will appear on your Adot site. You'll see it change in your live editor on the right.
  • Logo Description: This is the alternative text that will be used for your logo. 
  • Footer Home Link: This should be the link to your existing, noncompliant website.


Here you can add the contact information and hours for your business, or the information for all of your business locations. 


This tab lists the historical data for the past saves on your progress. Select any one of the saved data fields to revert back to that version of your Adot site.

Food/ Drink Menu

Here's where things get a little complicated. If your menu is like most places, you might have a lot of stuff. You can upload your menu items one at a time, or you can download a sample template provided under the Bulk 

Upload Menu Items button. Learn more about bulk uploading your menu items here.

  • Add New Menu Item: Here you can add new menu items to your editor. Learn how to manually add a menu item with this walkthrough.
  • View/ Edit Menu Items: Here you can edit existing menu items that you previously uploaded. Learn more about editing your existing menu items here.
  • Bulk Upload Menu Items: Here you can download a template for your menu that you can edit in spreadsheet format. 
  • Category Manager: Here you can edit the categories that appear in your editor. Learn more about the category manager here.

Add Section

This is a block for you in case you need to add a new section. It includes the section name, description, and photo details.


This section should summarize what your business is about and how you serve your customers.

  • Photo: A photo can say a thousand words. If a photo will help you communicate what your business is about, upload it!
  • Photo Description: this is the alternative text of the photo you've uploaded. Describe it in under 140 characters.


This button will open in a new tab and show you what your live published site looks like.

Load Sample

This button will load a sample template for you if our crawler didn't pull in all the information from your website.

Crawl Site

This button will crawl your website and will attempt to pull in information to your Adot site. Note: Using this feature will delete any work done on your template.