You've signed up for CommonAccess Pro. Woo-hoo!  Now you can begin the setup process for your account. The first step is to get your accessibility statement in place for your existing website. This is the most important part of setup, because by putting this statement on your website, it tells your customers (and lawyers) that you are taking steps to become compliant.

1. Go to your CommonAccess Pro dashboard and select "Next" under Create a Plan. 

2.     Add your contact details.

The contact details you put here will populate into your accessibility plan. 

3.     Upload your business's logo.

Upload your logo to your plan. 

4.    Review your statement, and if it looks good select "Next".

Don't forget to agree to our terms and conditions.

5. Your statement is done. Let's put it on your website!

You now have a link in front of you. Navigate to that link, and it should take you to your plan (

Go to your existing website's dashboard and create a link in your footer titled "Web Accessibility Statement". Paste in your CommonAccess link into your footer.

6. Placing the Button Code in Your Header and Footer

 You should have been directed to a page that has code install instructions. Follow the instructions listed on the page by placing the proper code in your website's header and footer.