Uploading your menu for the first time or have a lot of updates? Use our bulk uploader to make things easier. 

1. Click "Food/Drink Menu"

2. Click "Bulk Upload Menu Items" 

3. In order to bulk upload your menu items, you must first download our excel template. Click " Download Template" and enter your menu items into our template. 

4. The template will have Category, Subcategory, Name, Description, Price and Calories sections. All of these fields are optional, you do not have to fill out every field for every menu item. When editing the template it may say "Possible Data Loss", this is because certain formatting may be deleted because it is not accessible and can not be read by our synthesized voice or screen readers. Please leave out any special characters such as dollar or cent signs when uploading your menu items. 

5. When you are finished entering your menu items, click "Upload Completed Template". 

And you just uploaded your entire menu in a few short clicks! If any of your menu items need editing, please refer to our "Edit Menu Items" article.